My Style: Tziporah Salamon

Portrait of Tziporah Salamon of Advanced Style

Portrait: Dan Rous — Courtesy of Tziporah Salamon // Additional photos: Adam Katz Sinding — Le 21ème

What are the rules in the way you dress?

Does the outfit express who I am? Does the finished product look like a portrait, a work of art? Can I move in it? Bike in it? Is it timeless and elegant?

Please describe your style in three words.

Artistic, bold and dramatic.

What is the biggest mistake one can make when getting dressed?

Not knowing what looks good on your individual body.

Do you believe in role models?

Yes, of course I believe in role models. They help inform us.

What are your favourite fabrics?

Silk, taffeta, velvet, and cashmere.

Are there any style combinations that you object to?

When things are not harmonious; meaning when they don’t work in balance, harmony and rhythm.

Which city has the best-dressed women?

Probably New York, Paris, and London.

Tziporah Salamon style

Would you say that you are conservative or bold?

Definitely bold.

Celebrities and style...

Do not necessarily go together.

Name one garment/accessory that you can never have enough of?

Hats and headgear—I can never have enough of these.

A woman should always look like…

A lady.

Who taught you what you know about style?

My mother, Ida Dina Berner and my aunt, Yoli Salamon—both impeccable dressers, classic Hungarian beauties, and gifted dressmakers.

How do you select your clothing every morning?

Depends on the weather, on my day, where I am going, how am I getting there, and who will I be seeing.

What is your biggest regret?

No regrets, everything is a lesson.

The three essential things a woman should know about style are...

Wear only what suits your body, choose quality over quantity, and style is forever, fashion is of the moment.

Do you have any shopping rituals?

Before I buy anything I ask myself: 'Do I want to travel with this for the rest of my life?' and if the answer is 'no', I don’t buy it. It’s a commitment for life with me.

We will never see you wearing…

Ridiculously high heels, strapless gowns and fishnet stockings.

Tziporah Salamon

Which new designers do you follow and why?

I don’t really keep up with what’s going on out there with new designers—I kind of beat to my own drum.

Who is the most stylish person you have ever seen?

My mother.

What is the first thing you notice on a woman?

Her shoes.

What are the most treasured items in your wardrobe?

My father’s gold watch, my mother’s gold bracelet, and my growing collection of antique Chinese items.

The one image that defined your approach to style…

Seeing the early images of the Japanese designers: Comme des Garçons, Yohji Yamamoto, and Matsuda. And let me not forget the paintings of Matisse and Persian miniatures, all of which have had an enormous influence on my style.

Which fashion house never fails to impress you?

Comme des Garçons.

One article of clothing that a woman needs to pay close attention to is...

She should pay attention to the total look.

Is comfort an enemy of style?

No, it's not. You can be both comfortable and stylish. In fact, it is pretty difficult to look stylish if you are NOT comfortable.

Who would you like to recommend for My Style?

The impossibly chic and enormously talented Elisa Palomino!

The best words of advice you have ever heard?

Know your body. Dare to be YOU!

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