My Style: Meagan Cignoli

Portrait of fashion photographer Meagan Cignoli

Photo: Amber Lee — Courtesy of Meagan Cignoli

What is the biggest mistake one can make when getting dressed?

The biggest mistake I make is telling myself, it's okay, wear the uncomfortable shoes — you won't have to walk too much. You always have to walk. You will just want to go home early… or you will have very unfashionable Band-Aids on your ankles.

Please describe your style in three words.

Feminine, classic, fun.

Do you believe in role models?

Oh, absolutely. It's important to have people and things to look up to in life. My grandmother was my role model in style; she was always dressed to the nines.

What are your favourite fabrics?

Nothing itchy, always soft. I do love cotton.

Are there any style combinations that you object to?

Not really. I can't personally pull off everything, but someone else can wear it well, I’m sure.

Which city has the best-dressed women?

New York and Tokyo.

Would you say that you are conservative or bold?

I’m a Gemini — I can be both, but I only do bold about thirty times a year for events and fashion week.

What are the rules, if any, in the way you dress?

No heels on Sunday, no clutches on Sunday or during the day; heels and minis are okay if the dress is loose. Covered arms always. I don't like arms; if there is bare skin, a slight tan. Two big pieces of jewellery: either a ring and necklace or a ring and earrings. Never more. And big earrings, I generally only wear with hair down, never up. Ha. So many rules!

Celebrities and style...

Are not something I pay a lot of attention to.

One garment/accessory that you can never have enough of?


A woman should always look like...

She is comfortable in her outfit.

Who taught you what you know about style?

My grandmother and Anna Wintour.

How do you select your clothing every morning?

Check the weather and determine what I will be doing.

Your biggest regret is...

Not feeling comfortable to be more daring everyday with clothing.

The three essential things a woman should know about style are...

Work with your body and complexion. Shop at different places and play with pieces; the way you put clothing on your body is like a painting, not a billboard.

Do you have any shopping rituals?

Living in Manhattan twelve years, I do know what I like. I have about 6 stores that I stop by every season. The rest I leave up to chance.

We will never see you wearing...

A lot of red.

Which new designers do you follow/admire and why?

Charles Anastase. I love that whimsical colourful way about his clothing. He was an illustrator so he comes from a cool background for a designer. Bliss Lau — her attention to detail is incredible; she creates the most delicate body jewellery for all types of people.

The most stylish person you have ever seen...

My friend Jessie Minikes — she lives in Barcelona designing for Massimo Dutti. I was always inspired by her choices in fashion.

What is the first thing you notice on a woman?

The outfit. The same with men.

What are the most treasured items in your wardrobe?

Some clutches from India, my grandmother’s earrings, and my robes.

The one image that defined your approach to style...

I love the J.Crew look books… I’m not sure about one image.

One article of clothing that a woman needs to pay close attention to is...

The fit of her pants.

Is comfort an enemy of style?

No, absolutely not. I like to be in the company of people who seem comfortable and the most stylish are people who can walk or run or hang out anywhere in what they are wearing for as many hours as they like. Uncomfortable outfits are wonderful for short parties.

The best word of advice you have ever heard?

If you are confident, it doesn't matter what you are wearing.

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