My Style: Julia Kalmanovich

Russian fashion designer Julia Kalmanovich

Ksenia Tavrina — Courtesy of Julia Kalmanovich

Which city has the best-dressed women?

Paris has always been the city known for the best-dressed and most stylish women. But…the women of Stockholm struck me, there are many very trendy young ladies — they really know how to mix up high fashion with mass-market labels.

Please describe your style in three words.

Spontaneous, effortless, eclectic.

What is the biggest mistake one can make when getting dressed?

To overdress.

Do you believe in role models?

Yes, I do. Sometimes it’s very helpful to find your own role model whose style you aspire to. But it’s important not to mimic them. A role model should only help you, inspire you and bring out your best.

Kalmanovich dress

What are your favourite fabrics?

I like denim and fabrics that hold shape.

Are there any style combinations that you object to?

No, I don’t think so.

Would you say that you are conservative or bold?

I'm conservative.

What are the rules in the way you dress?

No rules. I dress in accordance with my mood and time of day.

Celebrities and style...

Have nothing in common.

Name one garment/accessory that you can never have enough of?


Julia Kalmanovich

A woman should always look like…

She is confident, elegant, happy, and in love.

Who taught you what you know about style?

My mom, my country, and my teachers.

How do you select your clothing every morning?

It is a spontaneous choice. My days are usually very active and require me to move a lot. So I prefer to wear something comfortable, but if I’m in the mood and have time to dress up, I always wear heels.

What is your biggest regret?

My life motto — not to regret anything.

The three essential things a woman should know about style are…

I only have two: less is more and try to push boundaries when you can.

Do you have any shopping rituals?


Kalmanovich red dress

We will never see you wearing...

Never say never.

Which new designers do you follow and why?

I follow Sarah Battaglia, I adore her bags!

Who is the most stylish person you have ever seen?

I'm in love with Tilda Swinton.

What is the first thing you notice on a woman?

Her shoes.

What are the most treasured items in your wardrobe?

Vintage pieces that I borrowed from my mother’s closet are my biggest treasures.

The one image that defined your approach to style...

Most of them are things I see on the street as opposed to something I see in an editorial or on a blog.

Which designer never fails to impress you?

I'm crazy about everything; having to choose would drive me completely insane.

Kalmanovich hooded coat

One article of clothing that a woman needs to pay close attention to is…

I can’t only choose one, I have a few. Jeans: they are the most basic item in any wardrobe and there are so many great styles! Shoes: it really doesn’t matter what you're wearing as long as you are rocking great pumps or stilettos. Accessories: same goes for accessories as well! That little black dress: a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe! It works for almost any occasion.

Is comfort an enemy of style?

No, as long as you feel comfortable you always feel confident.

Who would you like to recommend for My Style?

My friend, Anka Tsitsishvili. She is one of the most beautiful people I have ever met—inside and out. She has her own store in Moscow where she represents young Georgian designers. Her style is very unique.

The best words of advice you have ever heard?

I've honestly learned the most from experiences and making mistakes than any advice I've ever received.

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