My Style: Alyssa Julya Smith

Model Alyssa Julya Smith

Photo: Joseph Tran — Courtesy of Alyssa Julya Smith

What is your biggest regret?

I have a weakness when it comes to sales. I buy so many unnecessary pieces just because a tag is telling me I am getting a great deal.

Please describe your style in three words.

Rock ‘n’ roll, chic, relaxed.

What is the biggest mistake one can make when getting dressed?

Stressing about the latest trends.

Do you believe in role models?

Of course. When it comes to style, Sienna Miller and Kate Moss never fail to impress me.

What are your favourite fabrics?

I am enjoying velvet’s comeback at the moment, but leather is always number one for me.

Are there any style combinations that you object to?

Anything too matchy-matchy. The subtle element of surprise is what makes something interesting.

Which city has the best-dressed women?


Would you say that you are conservative or bold?

I fall somewhere in the middle, but like most women, it depends on my mood.

What are the rules in the way you dress?

Rules are never any fun, but one guideline I fall back on is to never overdress for the occasion.

Celebrities and style...

Can be very contrived. Many celebrities do not have their own style. Everything is a strategic move or partnership for their career. However, this shows the importance of fashion and the impact of even the smallest detail.

Name one garment/accessory that you can never have enough of?

Since I was born and raised at the beach, it has to be swimwear!

A woman should always look like...

She is confident in her own skin, or in her second skin: her clothes.

Who taught you what you know about style?

Me… Which explains a lot. I do not believe in right or wrong when it comes to style. It is important to express yourself and have fun.

How do you select your clothing every morning?

Being a model and actress, I select my outfits based on the roles and clients I am going out for.

The three essential things a woman should know about style are...

Fit is key. Less is more. Try new things.

Do you have any shopping rituals?

I take photos and send it to my stylist friends when I am unsure about something. A second opinion can be very helpful.

We will never see you wearing...

A fedora.

Which new designers do you follow and why?

Lover. Their silhouettes and beautiful lace they use are timeless, romantic, and feminine.

Who is the most stylish person you have ever seen?

A woman at a café in Paris a couple of years back. She looked like she had walked straight off the Chanel runway just to enjoy a cup of coffee.

What is the first thing you notice on a woman?

I usually notice someone’s eyes or smile. Clothing should never overpower a woman’s true beauty or character, it should enhance it.

What are the most treasured items in your wardrobe?

My blush Chanel lambskin handbag and my black peep-toe Christian Louboutins.

The one image that defined your approach to style...

Brigitte Bardot’s famous crossed-leg picture wearing only black tights. Fashion changes but simple things stay sexy forever.

Which designer/fashion house never fails to impress you?


One article of clothing that a woman needs to pay close attention to is...

Her shoes. They can ruin or make an outfit.

Is comfort an enemy of style?

Not in my world.

Who would you like to recommend for My Style€?

The coolest and weirdest fashionista I know, Stephanie Kay Meyer.

The best words of advice you have ever heard?

Be completely present and authentic in the moment you are in.

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