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Portrait of Milla Jovovich for Marella

Interview: Haris Stavridis // Photos: Courtesy of Marella

Could you tell us about the concept of the Marella + Milla collection? How did this collaboration start?

Actually, the first meeting with Marella took place quite some time ago, during the photo shoot of the Spring / Summer 2012 advertising campaign. Personally, I think that Marella's fashion approach as a brand helps women wear something that makes them feel nice and free. And this is really me: fashion inspired by real women, as I am. A working mom in Hollywood could be like any other mother or I feel absolutely comfortable in the role as star of Marella! We have designed four capsule collections until now, and we did it well. Every season we improved things more and more, and I am happy about the results. It is always a nice opportunity to work together with the Marella design team and create capsule collections that are inspired by my style, but with a very Italian touch.

What's the process like when you are involved in a creative project? Does it start with something you'd like to wear? Do you have any sartorial obsessions or go-to fabrics?

I just like to draw and design; creating things comes very natural to me. Moreover, I truly love fashion! However, I wouldn’t say that I’m a designer, so I am really happy that Marella gave me this opportunity and appreciated my style. I’ve been deeply involved in the creative process, starting from the shape and fit of the items and then going to specifics such as colours, fabrics, and materials. We did a good job. As far as my personal style goes, I would say that I’m not a trend-setter, nor a fashion victim. I’m not a girl, I’m a woman, and I’ve got my own style, something that is above the dictations of the season. Also, I'm a vintage girl; I love to mix and match trendy and modern pieces with elements from the past that I uncover in the flea markets.

Can you tell us about the SS14 Milla bag? What are the qualities that make the perfect bag according to you?

This bag, Milla’s bag, is an evergreen. You can carry it today and in the future. It’s a classic and never goes out of fashion. And it’s so eclectic with its multitasking handle: if you’re going out for dinner it can be shortened quickly, whereas during the day it can be worn on the side, something that is so handy and useful…it's just perfect. Following the success of last season (Autumn/Winter 2013), we updated the design with a mini-size offering and a range of fun, popsicle, summery and brilliant colours, such as fuchsia and turquoise. But what I really love is the mix of textures that include python, ostrich, and crocodile prints. The final patchwork effect is amazing and strongly contemporary.

How has your past experience with Jovovich-Hawk changed the way you view fashion and personal style? What did you learn from this venture?

I’ve always been fascinated by fashion, although the Jovovich-Hawk brand was something more like a 'diversion' than a real attempt to be a designer. I would say that it was a “style for fun” kind of project. Also, it wasn’t meant to be an investment — even though the collection became quite successful in the end — and it was also sold at Barneys New York right after its launch.

As a fan of Italian style, what is the one thing that you find fascinating about Italian women and the way they dress?

Italians know how to mix simplicity with a hint of craziness, and that is what makes them different and unique. What I adore about Italian women is how naturally stunning they are and I love how simply they can dress: little makeup, a bit of lipstick, a simple outfit, and they always look divine.

Would you say that comfort is an enemy of style?

Not at all! When I’m not working, on the set or at home, most of the time I’m in leggings, jeans, T-shirts and knits. But just because I like to be comfortable doesn’t mean I don’t put a little effort into being stylish! I always try to wear simple, comfortable but eclectic clothes.

You describe yourself as a working mom in Hollywood, and at some point you said that you'd like to take your daughter away to a village in Mongolia. How hard is it to find balance between living a normal life and being followed by paparazzi in Los Angeles?

I wouldn't say that it's easy…but what could I say? Acting and modelling is my life, it’s my job, and I love it. Moreover I have a husband who is also my best friend, and a little beautiful girl that smiles at me every morning. I'm so lucky! But I know that all of this has a price: to be under pressure. So, to be chased by paparazzi is just part of the game. What do I really miss? To have more time for my daughter, Ever, and myself.

It is said that you are not one to mince your words. How has your straightforwardness affected your collaborations and personal relationships?

I'm honest and I like to be direct, but I'm also polite and respectful. All words can sound differently if you say them smiling!

Could you tell us about your new film, Survivor? Would you say that you have found your niche with action films?

It is very exciting, as all new experiences are. It's also great to have the opportunity to work with Mr Brosnan… such a legend! I love action movies, obviously. But I’m quite attracted by the indie scene as well.

Music seems to be an important part in your life. Do you have any new projects in the pipeline?

Music is a real passion and there is a project in process but I don't know when it'll be released yet. Fingers crossed!


This article has also been translated and published in Marie Claire Greece.

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