Globetrotter: Daniel Marks

Portrait of Daniel Marks of The Communications Store

Interview: Haris Stavridis // Portrait: Courtesy // Photos: Erik Heddema / Le Sirenuse Hotel

If I am travelling for work, I always get my head down and try to reach my destination as soon as possible. I am more relaxed when I am going on holiday, but sometimes I can’t help myself and boss around whoever else is travelling with me.

My go-to luggage is a Louis Vuitton case that was very generously given to me by a very well travelled aunt. She has carried a similar one with her since the 70’s and she swore by it. It reminds me of her when I travel.

It's almost impossible for me to pack light. As much as I try, it never works. If someone has a secret to the success of packing lightly, I would love to hear it! At the moment, my best packing secret is to smile really nicely at check-in and try to get away with overweight bags.

New York

When on holidays, I love travelling with my husband; he downloads the best movies and we watch them together while flying. For work, my ideal co-passenger would be my assistant; my efficiency levels go through the roof whenever I am with her.

I deal with jet lag by fighting my way through and trying to ignore it — not always successfully. Also, a quick trip to the Light Salon offers the ideal blast of light therapy. The light gives you an instant boost of energy and a bit of a pseudo-holiday glow. Our beauty team at The Communications Store also recommends an amazing product, which I also swear by: it's the Sunday Riley Juno Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil. Using it literally feels like you are feeding and nourishing your skin.

The most underrated destination is Milan. I lived there for a few years whilst working for Versace; I love going back, it is one of the most stylish cities I know. The food is amazing and, once you get to know them, the people are so hospitable and welcoming. It is an insider’s city. Everything is behind closed doors but once those doors open, there are treasures within. My favourite restaurant there is Bebel’s; going back is like being welcomed by my Italian family. Simple but delicious fresh ingredients and family style service. It's a second home to me.

Milan is also great for shopping. I love their traditional men’s boutiques, the amazing home stores you can find, and most especially I love the service. In Italy, working in retail is a dream job that people take very seriously and stay in the same roles for a long time — you can go back to the same store, and visit the same people who remember you from the last time you were there, and they will take care of you brilliantly.

New York and the view of the Manhattan skyline as you drive into the city from the airport never fail to set my heart racing. I absolutely love this city.

I live in Hampshire just outside Winchester. For me, there is nothing better than the English countryside.

Asking friends for recommendations before we go anywhere is something that I always do. Also, my husband is brilliant at discovering great restaurants or hidden finds. You have to work hard (or have a great partner who does the work for you!) in a new city and discover its secrets.

I'm probably never going back to Torbay. I once organised a launch event for a sailing brand there and the weather was terrible — the waves literally came up over the train as we were on our way down there. We ended up finding our office base on a fishing trawler.

When it comes to hotels, Brown’s is an old favourite. I always recommend it to my friends flying into London for Fashion Week. I then go and meet them for drinks in The Donovan Bar, preferably in ‘The Naughty Corner’ surrounded by Terrence Donovan’s black-and-white photographs, and the best seat in the house!

Le Sirenuse

Finca Cortesín is another hotel that I adore. We have a little apartment just outside Marbella that's very close to it, and it's one of my favourite hotels in Europe. The service is impeccable, the spa is amazing, and the rooms are incredibly comfortable. It is one of the few hotels that we don’t work with that I recommend, to even my fussiest friends.

Soneva Fushi is great for pure escapism. Their mantra is “no shoes, no news”, two things that I love more than anything! If I need to clear my head and re-centre myself, this is barefoot luxury at its finest.

We are fortunate enough to look after The Leading Hotels of the World at The Communications Store and I was recently introduced to Le Sirenuse in Positano — it is a stunning waterfront hotel that looks like it came straight out of a film set. They even have complimentary chartered boat trips for guests to explore the Amalfi coast.

Le Sirenuse restaurant

When I am staying at a hotel that I go to regularly for work, like the Nomad in New York, the Grand Hotel Milan, or the Pavillon de la Reine in Paris, I love to have the same room. Once I know I have the same room I always stay in, I am happy. If we go somewhere new on holiday, my husband just waits in the reception until I find the room that I like. It is rarely the first room I see. I think I am particular, others might say I am difficult!

If I were to run my own hotel, I would recruit people from The Connaught and Claridges, as they have the best-trained staff in the world, and excel at looking after people.

My best advice to all the travellers out there? There is no place like home.

For Globetrotter, I'd like to recommend Angela Missoni and Caroline Rush, Chairman of the British Fashion Council.

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