Flashback with Brian Atwood

Photo of Brian Atwood

Photo: Courtesy of Bally

Q: When was the first time that you revolted?

Having parties, parties, parties in my family’s house. I got caught!

Q: Which scent takes you back to childhood?

The scent that takes me back to childhood is my mother’s spaghetti and meatballs. She cooks it forever! Delicious!

Q: What kind of posters did you have in your room as a teenager?

A framed picture of a white Lamborghini Countach… I loved, and still love, fast cars.

Q: Did you have any childhood heroes?

Shaun Cassidy was a favorite… When I was older I loved Gianni Versace.

Q: What were your “fetishes” while being a teen?

Beautiful women in high heels… My mother and her best friends are gorgeous!!

Q: Please describe your first kiss.

During recess in the playground… I kissed a girl named Janelle.

Q: Which was the first album you bought?

Olivia Newton John’s “First one.” She was in water soaking wet.

Q: What irritated you the most when you were a teenager?

I wanted to create my vision! I wanted to fly with it! Eventually it happened; I just had to be patient.

Q: Do you have any regrets looking back?

Nothing… I believe that everything, good or bad, helps shape us into the person we are today…or who we will be.

Q: Which was your first book?

“Noisy Nora” — very cute. I think I still have a copy. One of my other favorites was “Where the wild things are.”

Q: How do you describe your style back then?

My style was a bit punk during the late teens… Teens: preppy… then I went to college, so punk style: The Smiths, The Cure, etc. Big hair!!

Q: What kind of memories do you have from your summer holidays?

Always a great time with family and friends.

Q: How did you see the world?

I saw the world as an amazing place… I am still very optimistic that we can make the world even better.

Q: What were your favorite songs from your teenage years?

“Sir Duke” by Stevie Wonder, when I was younger… Then of course all of the music from the 80′s. Michael Jackson, early Madonna, Video Killed The Radio Star. Then I got into punk songs: Siouxsie and the banshees, The Cure, The Smiths, etc.

Q: What kind of student were you?

I was an okay student. Of course I excelled in art and in creative areas… I couldn’t get enough!

Q: How did you imagine yourself as an adult?

I always wanted my work be my passion, and it happened. I love what I do.

Q: What did you perceive as impossible?

I didn’t think anything was impossible… I honestly believe if you want it bad enough, and you work constantly for that vision, nothing can stop you. My mantra.

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