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Portrait of fashion designer Michael Bastian

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One city where I can't stop shopping is Paris.Tokyo is a close second.

When it comes to favourite hotels, the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix, the Lancaster in Paris, and the Grand Residencia in Gran Canaria are on top of my list.

Hotel Lancaster Paris

My ideal co-passenger is anyone who sleeps the whole way and at the end loans me a pen to fill out the customs declaration form.

The best trick I know of regarding jet lag is going for a little run (preferably in the sunshine) and spending a little time in a steam room.

When packing, I always get my Casio red travel alarm clock, a felt travel tray with snaps in the corners, and a bunch of international outlet converters.

I really like The North Face luggage—it's tough, functional and really well designed. I also love the luggage produced by this small American company called Frank Clegg, everything is handmade and perfectly executed.

Hotel Lancaster Le Bar

One place I'd rather not see again is Billings, Montana. Once was enough.

Las Vegas is the most overrated destination in the world and Palm Springs is the most underrated.

My own hotel would definitely be cool with guests checking out late and would also have a good room service menu.

When I have to travel for business, I'm in and out—I get my work done and get out as soon as I can. I don't like combining business and pleasure on those trips—it interrupts my focus. But when I'm travelling for pleasure, I really like to spend half of my time exploring and half of my time hopefully lying by a great pool.

I'm really one of the least difficult guests as I rarely complain.

Returning to Tokyo is something I always look forward to. It's always exciting to me, it feels like you're going a couple of days into the future and I really love their culture.

Hotel Lancaster

The most breathtaking scenery I've ever seen was on the drive from San Francisco to Napa Valley. If you ever do that drive, make sure you are in a convertible because that ride also smells incredible, like eucalyptus.

I'm hearing a lot of great things about Turkey these days—maybe that's my next trip. I also think the American Southwest is incredibly beautiful.

Always tip the front desk agent when you check into a hotel. He or she always has the power to really make your stay significantly better.

My best words of advice for travellers? Even if you don't speak the language, everyone appreciates a smile.

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