Flashback with Brian Atwood

Photo of Brian Atwood

Photo: Courtesy of Bally

When was the first time that you revolted?

Having parties, parties, parties in my family's house. I got caught!

Which scent takes you back to childhood?

The scent that takes me back to childhood is my mother's spaghetti and meatballs. She cooks it forever! Delicious!

What kind of posters did you have in your room as a teenager?

A framed picture of a white Lamborghini Countach… I loved, and still love, fast cars.

Did you have any childhood heroes?

Shaun Cassidy was a favourite… When I was older I loved Gianni Versace.

What were your '€œfetishes'€ while being a teen?

Beautiful women in high heels… My mother and her best friends are gorgeous!!

Please describe your first kiss.

During recess in the playground I kissed a girl named Janelle.

Which was the first album you bought?

Olivia Newton John's “First one.” She was in water soaking wet.

What irritated you the most when you were a teenager?

I wanted to create my vision! I wanted to fly with it! Eventually it happened; I just had to be patient.

Do you have any regrets looking back?

Nothing… I believe that everything, good or bad, helps shape us into the person we are today…or who we will be.

Which was your first book?

“Noisy Nora” — very cute. I think I still have a copy. One of my other favourites was “Where the wild things are.”

How do you describe your style back then?

My style was a bit punk during the late teens… As a teenager: preppy… then I went to college, so punk style: The Smiths, The Cure, etc. Big hair!!

What kind of memories do you have from your summer holidays?

Always a great time with family and friends.

How did you see the world?

I saw the world as an amazing place… I am still very optimistic that we can make the world even better.

What were your favourite songs from your teenage years?

“Sir Duke” by Stevie Wonder, when I was younger… Then of course all of the music from the 80's. Michael Jackson, early Madonna, Video Killed The Radio Star. Then I got into punk songs: Siouxsie and the banshees, The Cure, The Smiths, etc.

What kind of student were you?

I was an okay student. Of course I excelled in art and in creative areas… I couldn't get enough!

How did you imagine yourself as an adult?

I always wanted my work be my passion, and it happened. I love what I do.

What did you perceive as impossible?

I didn't think anything was impossible… I honestly believe if you want it bad enough, and you work constantly for that vision, nothing can stop you. My mantra.

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